The telugu Desam Party's stronghold is tekkali in the srikakulam district. Eight of the eleven elections held here since the party's founding were won by the party. It is noteworthy that NT Rama Rao, the founder of the TDP, won the seat in the elections of 1994. It is well known that the Kinjarapu family controls the tekkali and former Harishchandrapuram assembly constituencies. Kinjarapu Yerrannaidu, a former Union minister, and his brother Atchannaidu won four and three times, respectively, in the Harishchandrapuram assembly segment.

In 2008, the late ysr cleverly exploited delimitation to divide the constituency and combine it into the tekkali and Palasa assembly constituencies. As a result, Atchennaidu lost to the congress candidate in the 2009 and 2009 by-election. However, Atchennaidu is eager for a hat trick after winning two straight elections in 2014 and 2019. Here, the congress PARTY' target='_blank' title='ysr congress-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ysr congress contender is Duvvada Srinivas. 2009 and 2014 saw Duvvada run for the same seat, however, he was unsuccessful both times. Up until recently, Atchennaidu faced anti-incumbency in this area for a variety of reasons, and a Keen Contest is probably in the works in Tekkali.
At the same time, as an MLC, Duvvada controlled the constituency by enlisting the support of the whole government apparatus. The majority of people in tekkali are from the Kaalinga community. This time, almost 60% of them are in favor of the ysr Congress. Duvvada srinivas is a native of the Kaalinga people. Atchennaidu comes from the second-dominant velama Community in this area.
Killi Kruparani, a former central minister, recently left the ysr Congress. She said that jagan had insulted her during the press conference, bringing her to tears. Here, she'll be running for Congress. She will split the votes to support Atchennaidu; she is a member of the Kalinga community. With this, a Keen Contest becomes impossible, and Atchennaidu will probably triumph handily once more.


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