After Baahubali's popularity, this pan-Indian phenomenon has given rise to a plethora of new online and physical fan rivalries. prabhas became one of the greatest stars in the nation after Baahubali. ntr and ram Charan, however with SS Rajamouli's help, also became successful across the country. Without rajamouli, they have not yet tried their luck on a pan-Indian scale. rajamouli helped prabhas become a pan-Indian celebrity as well, but he has successfully maintained his brand value across the country even with non-Rajmouli productions.

Conversely, Allu Arjun's pushpa became a national sensation. His conversations, demeanors, and style influenced popular culture. He distinguished himself by becoming one of the most well-liked celebrities following this movie and doing it without Rajamouli's assistance. Fans of allu arjun and prabhas are currently having intense arguments about who is a greater pan-Indian celebrity. With Salaar, prabhas just had success, and people are excited about his upcoming movie, Kalki. Along with that, he is scheduled to start filming Spirit, starring sandeep Reddy Vanga, which is anticipated to be a box-office hit.

With pushpa 2, allu arjun is now sitting on a gold mine. A 1000 crore global gross for pushpa 2 would be easy if the material resonates and the movie meets the hype. Following that, allu arjun has projects with sandeep Reddy Vanga and atlee planned, which will increase his notoriety throughout India. Arguing over who is bigger right now is pointless. To the satisfaction of supporters of other heroes, these fan rivalries are anticipated to last for a while.

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