Chandrababu: Defeat is inevitable if the alliance is not repaired..?

As part of the alliance, Chandrababu and Pawan Kalyan, many bjp leaders are campaigning together on a large scale. Now it seems that Chandrababu has a lot of big responsibilities in front of him. That means that the alliance in uttarandhra is running at a snail's pace. After the announcement of the candidates, dissatisfaction was heard in many places. But this time, differently, the telugu brothers are expressing a lot of impatience with the janasena and bjp parties being given 9 assembly seats and two parliament seats.
But all these seats were TDP's stronghold. Due to this, dissatisfaction in the alliance is increasing day by day. From the seniors to the juniors, the news is being heard. Many are not getting the desired seats, some are not getting seats.. and some are joining other parties and causing trouble in TDP. Although the leaders of the alliance thought that as long as the candidates were announced as part of the alliance of other parties, everything would be fixed, but the reverse was the case, and the protests continued for days.
As the time of nominations is approaching, there are reports that rebels are planning to enter the field as well. Due to this, the campaign of the alliance did not gain much momentum. In uttarandhra regions, they are acting as if they are Yamuna's people in many constituencies. Chandrababu is going to visit Visakhapatnam from today till the 17th. With this, the leaders are also saying that unless Chandrababu's coalition makes repairs and runs, there will be no such problems. As the election time approaches, the telugu brothers should still make waves and prepare for the election war, the leaders there are also telling Chandrababu Babu. We have to see what kind of decision Chandrababu will take.

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