On Sunday, april 14, Union minister g kishan reddy attacked telangana chief minister A revanth reddy and Congressman rahul gandhi, claiming they lacked the moral authority to discuss the BJP's program. reddy, who is also the head of the telangana bjp, stated during a news conference that the bjp is different from other parties in that it is resolute in fulfilling its commitments.

"I want to know if rahul gandhi and revanth reddy have any moral authority to discuss the Sakalp patra that the bjp issued. reddy slammed the bjp, saying that they should examine the "guarantees" they made before the assembly elections and the progress made towards implementing them before criticizing the party.
Chief minister revanth reddy described the BJP's platform as a "post-dated cheque drawn on a failing bank" and predicted that rahul Gandhi's congress would put an end to the suffering of the people while the people would reject the saffron party.

The minister enumerated the manifesto's items, stating that the bjp had before pledged to construct a ram temple in ayodhya and repeal article 370 in kashmir - SRINAGAR/JAMMU' target='_blank' title='jammu and kashmir-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>jammu and kashmir and that both commitments had been fulfilled.
Reddy outlined the accomplishments of the nda government, stating that it kept its word to support entrepreneurs, leading to India's rise to the third rank in the world for the startup ecosystem.
On Monday, the bjp will hold a "Ryot deeksha" in which it will demand that the telangana state government keep its commitments to the farmers.

In response to a question, he stated that the federal government had already lowered gas prices three times and had asked state governments to think about lowering local taxes for the benefit of customers.
In its platform, which was unveiled on Sunday, the bjp placed a strong emphasis on welfare and development while rejecting populist policies and divisive topics like the NRC.

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