Incidents of stone pelting on political leaders are taking place in the state of Andhra Pradesh. On Saturday, unknown persons pelted stones on cm Jagan. As part of janasena leader Pawan Kalyan's Varahi Yatra, which was undertaken as part of the election campaign yesterday, an unknown person pelted stones on Pawan during the evening yatra in Tenali, guntur district. Heard. It seems that the stone fell nearby without burning. However, yesterday some unidentified assailants escaped by throwing stones at Chandrababu from behind.

But a news is going viral saying that the accused who threw stones at pawan kalyan has been found.. But a sensational twist has come out in this. If we go to the actual matter.. pawan kalyan caught a person who attacked him with a stone in the assembly.. and handed him over to the police.. but it turned out that it was not a stone attack. After the police questioned the man, the truth came out in his words.

What happened was that.. the person who came there was a huge fan of Pawan Kalyan.. When pawan kalyan got down from the vehicle, he went to shake his hand.. At that time, he was performing Aarti with the ladies. When he hit the girls, a man like the elder girls who saw it came and attacked this man.. While one of them was beating, 10 others came and put their hands on this man. In the end, it seems that all the people there crushed him as he repeatedly said that he had thrown a stone.

Also, when jagan was also attacked with stones, it seems that everyone fell on him and hit him as he spread the word that he too had thrown stones. But he seems to have told all this to the police. And it will not be known in the next few days whether he is a ysr worker or not.. He revealed that this happened when he went to shake hands with pawan kalyan and yelled at him from behind as someone who threw stones.

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