In less than a month, andhra pradesh will have its polls. In his campaign, chandrababu naidu is going all out, showing up to two or three roadshows every day. The campaign of pawan kalyan accelerated as well. In the next few days, more bjp National leaders are anticipated to join the campaign. andhra pradesh elections are a Psephologist’s worst nightmare because of the huge stakes and the exciting drama that plays out every day. The congress PARTY' target='_blank' title='ysr congress-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ysr congress attempted to capitalize on the Pensions dispute.
There was a stir the other day when jagan was attacked with stones. However, considering Jagan's past and similar incidents before to elections, the matter turned into fodder for trolls around the state. In this way, every few days, one or more things influence the voters. Apart from these instances, the Opposition alliance is lacking a very basic component. By now in the telangana elections, the congress Party had flooded whatsapp, Social media, and television with brief but impactful ads.

The commercial featuring kcr and other BRS leaders pushing a vehicle with flat tires was a big hit. telugu desam party ought to have engaged the agency right away. But then, that kind of thing didn't happen. Apart from the agency, these advertisements are nonexistent. Such brief advertisements have a big impact. They may be quickly shared on whatsapp and other media in addition to television to have a significant impact. An effective advertisement will have an unfathomable reach. This is a serious electoral error. pawan kalyan and chandrababu naidu ought to fix it right away.


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