The congress administration in telangana borrowed a total of Rs. 17618 crore in four months, comprising both budgeted and non-budgetary loans, after taking office. The time frame for taking out these loans was december 2023–April 13, 2024. In 2022–2023 the BRS government borrowed Rs. 19569 crore throughout the same time. It borrowed Rs. 26,995 crore in 2021–2022. Compared to the former BRS administration, the congress government borrowed less money.
The congress administration borrowed the most amount of money, totaling Rs. 7718 crore, in march 2024. Conversely, over the previous five months, the telangana government has repaid Rs. 25911 crores in principle and interest. Over the last 125 days, the congress administration has paid back debts accrued by the BRS government with interest, spending over Rs. 207 crores every day.

Since assuming control in the state, the congress party has viewed telangana as a vital basis for its political efforts. It is currently prepared to unveil its national manifesto in Telangana. On april 6, the congress party is planning a sizable public meeting in Tukkuguda, according to chief minister Revanth Reddy. This gathering will serve as a major springboard for the party's nationwide campaign.

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