As we all know, samantha is a Fitness Freak and she is currently off the radar and is focusing on her well-being. Recently, she shared her workout video and routine on her YouTube shorts and fans can't stop drooling over her hotness. Her hotness in a tight gym dress made everyone go crazy and we can see that obviously in the comments.
Samantha and actor ranveer singh collaborated on a commercial. The two, together with indian cricket player Cheteshwar Pujara, appeared in an advertisement for a meal delivery service. Fans of samantha and Ranveer expressed a desire to see them together in a movie after sharing the humorous ad on social media.
 What appears to be an IPL auction opens the commercial. samantha and Ranveer take on the role of a team's owners, putting up bids for the cricket players they want on their squad. Ranveer and samantha exchange glances when the moderator reveals Cheteshwar Pujara's name. They then summon the cricket player and say, "Tujhe bhi khilayenge (We will make you play as well)."
But rather than include Pujara in his team, Ranveer plays a joke on the phrase "khilayenge" and serves him some delicious meals. Laughing at Ranveer's antics, Pujara remarks, "You hit a six, Baba." Ranveer and samantha are shown enjoying a cricket match as the commercial comes to a close.

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