During the hearing of the contempt case against Patanjali Ayurved in relation to the deceptive ads of the company's medical goods, the supreme court harshly criticised baba Ramdev on Tuesday, telling him he was "not so innocent". He was also chastised by the court for his "irresponsible behaviour". Judges Hima kohli and Ahsanuddin Amanullah, who make up the two-judge bench, set april 23 as the date of the upcoming hearing. During the hearing, baba Ramdev and acharya Balkrishna were in person.

The "unconditional apology for the mistakes we made" was given, the yoga guru informed the court.
"At the moment, we took a wrong action. We'll remember that in the future," he continued.
On the other hand, the bench declared that the "law is equal for everyone." Regardless of what you did, you followed our instructions and your assignment. You you aware that it is forbidden to publicise terminal illnesses?
Ramdev said that they ran a lot of tests in response.

"This conduct is careless. Your past history is detrimental. We'll consider it before deciding whether or not to accept your apologies. "You have committed repeated violations, aapne lagatar," Judge kohli said.
Judge Amanullah stated, "Your apology is not coming from your heart. Aap dil se mafi nahe maang rahe hail." This is not finished.
Baba Ramdev and acharya Balkrishna's "unconditional apology" was rejected by the supreme court on april 10 because it said that their acts were "wilful, deliberate, and repeated violations" of the court's instructions.
The indian Medical Association (IMA) has filed a petition against Patanjali Ayurved.

The same panel of Justices kohli and Amanullah chastised Patanjali Ayurved severely during the april 10 hearing, accusing it of "taking contempt of court proceedings lightly". It had stated that it was "not satisfied with anything said in the affidavit" by the court.
The top court also questioned the state's licencing body, "Do you have the guts to do what you are doing? " and chastised the uttarakhand government for granting a licence for Patanjali items. You're operating like a post office."
"We strongly oppose to the term 'bonafide' being used to describe police. We won't treat this lightly. "We're going to tear you apart," Judge Amanullah said.

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