One of Andhra Pradesh's high-voltage constituencies that sticks out is Gurjala. Yarapatineni Srinivasa Rao, a senior tdp politician, is running from that seat again, and kasu mahesh reddy, a current MLA, won the ticket for the YSRCP. Though not all MLAs are unhappy with the administration, half of the party's leaders are hesitant to back Mahesh Reddy.
However, the inclusion of Janga krishnamurthy strengthened the TDP's position. With both parties predicted to have a slim margin of victory, the race for the Gurjala assembly district seems fierce from the start. In the 2019 elections, kasu mahesh reddy secured the largest majority since its founding in 1952. The YSRCP may lose some votes as a result of recent occurrences, as Mahesh reddy and Janga krishnamurthy are expected to face opposition. Janga just defected to the tdp, which could have caused bc voters to abandon the YSRCP.

Party circles are reporting that, in comparison to the previous election, Kasu Mahesh Reddy's support among local leaders has decreased, with half of his former followers having withdrawn. Nonetheless, there is a belief in the constituency that Yarapatineni Srinivasa Rao's goodwill has been won despite his defeat because of his constant presence among the populace during the last five years and his sympathy for victims.

Due to village politics, Rao also won the support of the kamma community in the previous elections; however, this time, the community appears to be 80% in favor of TDP. Gurjala's reddy and kamma social groupings are becoming more competitive as the May assembly and parliament elections get near.

With the YSRCP and telugu Desam parties vying for support in the constituency, these two organizations have a substantial amount of influence over the electorate. Furthermore, a well-known person in education, Thiiyagura Yallamanda reddy, is a candidate for the congress party, which is expected to divide some YSRCP votes. Mahesh reddy is the target of the Janga krishnamurthy group inside the TDP.

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