For the ysr congress, the reddy Community, Dalits, and Minorities make up a sizable voting bloc. They served in congress throughout the ysr era before being transferred to the ysr congress upon YSR's passing and the split. Apart from the Reddys and the Minorities, Jagan's reign caused the Dalits great losses. The giveaways were paid for with all of the money intended for the sc Sub-plan. 

Additionally, all SC-specific programmes that often assist the poor Dalits were eliminated. The jagan Government eliminated all of the constitutionally guaranteed subsidies specifically for Dalits.

The past five years have also seen an upsurge in the atrocities committed against Dalits. MLC Anantha Babu, for example, assassinated a Dalit driver and handed the body to the victim's family via the door. In this case, Anantha Babu was detained but was later released on bond. He was suspended by the ysr congress at the time, but he returned to the party once the case was no longer in the news. Anantha Babu is actively campaigning for the party in east godavari and attending the Chief Minister's review sessions.
Janupalli Srinivas, a Dalit, used Kodi Kathi to criticise jagan in an attempt to win support for the YSRCP chief for the 2019 elections. However, jagan subsequently made sure the young man would rot in prison by refusing to appear in court and make his statement. In 1996, five Dalits were involved in the Siromundanam case, which resulted in the 18-month jail sentence for another MLC, thota Trimurthulu. thota shaved the skulls of two Dalits, and tormented five more. In Mandapeta, thota is the ysr congress candidate. Given his history of treating Dalits with indifference, jagan is unlikely to nominate a different candidate.

In criminal situations, challenging a conviction is not problematic if it has been in effect for less than two years. However, candidates may be excluded by the election Commission. Bal Thackeray's incendiary statement in 1999 resulted in a six-year ban from his running for office. However, given the BJP's continued cordial ties with the ysr congress, this seems unrealistic. We'll have to see what the Dalits in the state decide to do!
 Considering that all three of the occurrences occurred in east godavari, this should be a hot subject, if not more. The Schedule Caste (SC) makes up 18.3% of east Godavari's total population, according to the 2011 census. After then, the numbers would have gone up much further. Without a doubt, it will exceed 20%. Crimes against Dalits would be accepted easy if there is no repercussion.


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