After the formation of a separate state of Telangana, the BRS party won unanimously in the 2014 and 2019 elections and kcr was the CM. It can be said that during his ten years as cm, he did at least without the word of opposition. But in politics, carts become ships and ships become carts. In this way, it is difficult for any party to come to power more than once except once or twice.

That's how BRS won twice. For the third time, the people got fed up and brought congress to power. With this, BRS will be completely relieved. Only big leaders like ktr, harish rao and cm kcr are coming out and criticizing the congress but none of the leaders are very active. At this moment, ktr is also giving words to revanth Reddy. He said that cm revanth reddy will form a government with bjp along with 30 to 40 people as soon as the parliament elections are over. But is this possible..because congress has won 64 seats out of 119 assembly constituencies in Telangana. Formed the government. In this 39 BRS and eight bjp won.

And even if revanth reddy joins bjp with 40 people, the total will be 48 including their MLAs. Will it be possible to form a government with this.. If these MLAs switch to that party at once, there is no chance of forming a bjp government unless elections are held again. Many are criticizing who is benefiting from ktr making these untruthful allegations as an IT minister. If the government should be formed, then 20 MLAs from BRS should also come along with them. Is this possible? Political critics feel that it is not customary for leaders of such a high level to speak such words. Currently, his words are becoming extremely viral on social media. Due to this, negative comments are being made on KTR.

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