Chief of the BRS k. chandrashekar rao has been going through a difficult period after his defeat in the december 2023 assembly elections. kcr was hospitalized after suffering a hip injury as a result of losing power. Later on, a large number of well-known politicians defected from his party and joined the congress or BJP. Kavitha, his daughter, was recently taken into custody about the delhi Liqourgate affair. After several months of nothing happening, rumors are now spreading that black magic has been practiced close to his home.

A few black magic items, including a lemon, a plush toy, an egg, turmeric powder, and kumkum, were discovered close to KCR's home in Nandinagar, Banjara Hills, according to the most recent sources. Black magic rituals were allegedly carried out by unknown individuals at a plot of land close to KCR's home.

On social media, the video demonstrating the black magic items is currently becoming popular. BRS leaders, who have been feeling that ill omens have been falling on their party and its president in recent months, are becoming more concerned as a result of these stories. They reportedly no longer believe that the purported black magic is the cause of KCR's unfavorable post-assembly election period.

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