- Will 'Amanchi' own strength in Congress..?
- The scene has changed since Amanchi is contesting from Congress
- A leader who won as an independent in 2014 on his own strength

The congress party, which wants to make a comeback in the state, has already increased its aggression. It has fielded 114 candidates across the state. Some of them are strong leaders too. The party also gave tickets to former ministers. However, no matter what the situation is, the congress party is taking steps towards giving strong competition in some constituencies. For example, Sharmila, who is contesting from Kadapa, is sure to make an impact on all the seven assembly seats within this constituency.

Observers say that now another constituency has also joined this list. Constituency of Sarala in Samman prakasam district was once a bastion of Congress. congress party continued to flourish here till 2009. After the bifurcation of the state, there was a decline. However, observers say that now there is a chance for the congress party to rise again. The reason for this is former mla Amanchi Krishnamohan.

He is currently taking steps towards the congress party in the background of his humiliation in YCP. He has already met party chief Sharmila. It is also confirmed that another notable ehad will join the party. Also, it is also confirmed that he will be allotted the party ticket. However.. there is a lot of difference here to other constituencies in the state. Being close to the people, of Amanchi is a strong candidate and he can even win if he's an independent.

Above all, as much strength as an old man has in a pool, Amanchi has the same strength. In 2014, the division of the state took place and despite the tdp coalition wave, they won with a majority of 10,000 votes. This is a testament to his personal charisma. Observers say that if there is any constituency where the congress party has a good hope in ap as a whole, with Amanchi now joining the congress and let's see!

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