After the election commission approved the live broadcast of "Sitharma Kalyanam" on Sri Rama Navami on wednesday, the bjp and other Hindu groups breathed a sigh of relief. In an attempt to intensify their opposition to the election Commission's alleged ruling, several Hindu groups and the bjp Legal Cell filed a house motion with the State high court on tuesday night.
"The State government, Endowments department, and the ec are keeping the decision to ban the live telecast under wraps from the public eye till the 11th hour," a top bjp leader told india Herald in an interview. The court will not be in session on wednesday because to Rama Navami, which is a public holiday. He then stated that a house motion had been brought before the Chief Justice's court.
The VHP leaders said that they had made the decision to challenge the arbitrary live telecast ban before the HC. But since the ritual starts in the morning, time is a limitation that gets in the way. The leaders discovered that the state of affairs resulted from the State administration allegedly requesting the ec for clarification on technical reasons. "We believe it has less to do with the Modal Code of Conduct and more to do with politics. leader of the VHP Dr. R Sashidar stated, "Those in positions of authority should be aware that they would suffer the same destiny as those who have insulted Sri Rama in the past ten years.


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