Following her hiatus from acting, samantha Ruth Prabhu has been actively pursuing a variety of interests. From yoga to meditation to horseback riding to kickboxing, samantha has done it all. Displaying her amazing martial arts skills, samantha posted a story on her instagram account with the caption, "One day at a time" as she trained with her coach. 

As previously indicated, Samantha's hiatus from performing has provided her with an unanticipated means of exploring life's many pleasures. sam hasn't held back when it comes to chronicling her experience, from her diagnosis to her days of healing and her road to recovery. In addition to her recent interest in kickboxing, the kushi actress has been practicing yoga and meditation to improve her physical and emotional well-being. She has just posted a few images and videos from her horseback riding lessons.

For those who don't know, samantha has been diagnosed with a rare inflammatory disease called myositis, which weakens human muscles over time. sam has been outspoken about her challenges and strategy for achieving both internal and external recovery.  The actress decided to temporarily halt her acting career to concentrate on improving and mending herself after being diagnosed with myositis.

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