Social media is the most valuable resource available to celebrities nowadays, so actors and anyone in the public eye must keep up a strong social media presence. Actress shruti haasan, for example, has been known to avoid instagram lately. shruti updated her admirers on her life over the previous several weeks on instagram yesterday with a series of tales.

Shruti Haasan makes a return to social media after going MIA
She posted a selfie with the caption, “Missed me? Sorry I’ve been MIA (Missing in Action) turtles. Was doing me things for once.”

Shruti, speaking via her inner spirits, expressed her desire to heal while bringing the post-eclipse Aquarius energy into the planet. shruti said, "It's been a crazy ride, learning so much about myself and about people." When discussing her insights from this hiatus.
The actress from Salaar went on to say that she is going through a phase in her life when she is redefining herself. In a similar vein, she exhorted her followers to never feel regret for themselves and what they had become.
"I just want to thank you my beautiful turtles for all your love and this beautiful mad fun community we share," shruti posted on instagram in response to all of her admirers. She declared as she concluded her enlightening digression that life is strange and lovely and always full of wonder.

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