Grievous news struck Nallagonda town as Sandineni Janardhan Rao, BRS Boss Secretary, lost his life in an overwhelming street mishap on Wednesday. According to television media reports and a viral video the occurrence happened when a vehicle claimed by entertainer raghu babu crashed into a bicycle on the nalgonda sidestep street, bringing about the biker's less-than-ideal death. 
Amazingly, the vehicle hauled the bicycle for around fifty meters after the crash. The vehicle's driver, whether raghu babu or another person, stays indistinct at this crossroads. A devoted figure, Janardhan Rao had effectively added to the telugu desam party before affiliating himself with BRS. 

As the local area wrestles with significant distress, examinations concerning the mishap keep, looking to reveal insight into the conditions encompassing this shocking misfortune. An authority police affirmation and report are anticipated regarding the entertainer's vehicle association in this unfortunate mishap.

Even with prompt medical intervention, Janardhan passed away instantly. As the locals gathered, raghu Babu—who was purportedly standing next to the driver's seat—stepped out of the car to retrieve his possessions from the dickey. The vehicle was impounded by police, who then filed a complaint against raghu Babu's driver. The government hospital mortuary has received Janardhan's body for post-mortem testing.

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