Popular tollywood mass hero Nandamuri balakrishna lately scored three straight hits with the films "Akhanda," "Veerasimha Reddy," and "Bhagawant Kesari." In a similar vein, he may continue on this successful trajectory in politics. He was elected as an mla from Hindupur, which has supported the tdp from its founding, in both 2014 and 2019. balakrishna maintained Hindupur in 2019 with a larger majority than in 2014, even though the tdp lost ground. 

Though his efforts have been in vain, YS jagan has been trying to beat NBK in Hindupur. Since 2014, the YSRCP has fielded three different candidates to challenge balakrishna, with jagan attributing Peddyreddy's win to the party. YS jagan has used a range of social engineering techniques in Hindupur, where the Muslim, Kuaraba, and Valmiki populations are the dominant groups. 

Deepika has been nominated by the YSRCP as the Kuraba community's candidate for the 2018 elections. According to a recent Hindupur survey, balakrishna secured more than 67% of the votes, with YSRCP candidate deepika coming in second with 29%. The lack of cooperation among YSRCP officials and cadre, who haven't completely backed Deepika's candidature, has given tdp an additional edge in this segment and is one of the party's biggest disadvantages. Balakrishna's popularity in Hindupur is a result of his committed service to the industry, which benefited from the tdp rule from 2014 to 2019.

Balakrishna tackled important problems including the drinking water crisis during his first term and was able to find a solution. Many people appreciated what he did during the COVID-19 epidemic, which included giving medical kits to many of the families in the episode. His medical aid schemes also helped YSRCP members. balakrishna also started the construction of dialysis facilities in several parts of Hindupur, reducing the need for locals to go to Bengaluru for pricey medical care. He also suggested building a ring road to facilitate the growth of Hindupur.

The poll indicates that Nandamuri balakrishna, who is expected to win by a substantial 15% margin over his closest opponent in the 2024 elections, is likely to be elected to the ap assembly for the third time.

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