The other day, cm YS jagan Mohan reddy attacked janasena chairman pawan kalyan in a very personal way during a public meeting. Regarding Pawan Kalyan's private life, he observed that the JSP chief switches spouses and political seats in the same way that individuals do with their automobiles. pawan kalyan responded to jagan in a way that was both appropriate and powerful enough. Rather than responding only to the content of the personal assault, he focused more of his remarks on Jagan's worldview.
"I realized that jagan is becoming more hateful of me after seeing his below-the-belt attack. This stems from his realization that he would be heavily defeated in the upcoming election. He is trying to poison me while he still has the chance because of this. But don't worry, Jagan—you and your group of thugs will pay a price for pillaging andhra pradesh if our coalition takes power, Pawan promised.

When jagan questioned Pawan's reasoning for leaving bhimavaram and Gajuwaka, Pawan raised further questions about his mentality. "Jagan wants to know why I left Bhimavaram. He must, however, also explain why he transferred 70 of his current MLAs to different constituencies. "How can it be correct if I do it and incorrect if you (Jagan) do it?"

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