For moviegoers who typically hesitate to go out on expensive tickets, National cinema Day and cinema Lovers Day are like a breath of fresh air. With tickets available for just Rs. 75, the inaugural National cinema Day on september 23, 2022, proved to be a huge success. On january 20, 2024, multiplex companies established cinema Lovers Day, which further increased moviegoer attendance. Many were astonished to learn that april 19 will be the date of another cinema Lovers Day. This time, there's a twist, though. There will be elections soon; the first round will begin on april 19.

On april 19, elections are scheduled in several states and territories. This may have an impact on voting participation. Why cannot movie theatres close on election day if banks, workplaces, schools, and universities are allowed to do so? Keeping them open could cause voters to get distracted. For young and inexperienced voters in particular, the draw of a cheap film in a cool theatre is more alluring than the strain of standing in queue to cast a ballot in sweltering weather. Closing things down till the evening would be preferable. Your future will be shaped by your one vote, not by a two-hour film!

After voting, they could reopen marketplaces and entertainment venues and provide alluring incentives to individuals who display their tattooed fingers. Many contend that voting only takes twenty to thirty minutes, freeing up the remainder of the day. Therefore, it's great that voters may enjoy a movie at a discounted price after casting their ballots.

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