Pawan kalyan disclosed earlier this month, at a public discussion, that he had been physically attacked by a selected blade batch using needles and tiny blades. He talked extensively about this blade batch, which he believed was being used by the ruling ysr congress party to harm him and his security team.

It was anticipated that the ap home department would provide Pawan with an enhanced security fleet following his startling remark, but that hasn't occurred.
It is said that during Pawan and Chandrababu's simultaneous roadshow at Tadepalligudem, hundreds of people burst over the barricades and rushed towards the leaders, creating severe tension. It is said that despite the clear anticipation that thousands of people would attend the political meeting, fewer than ten police officers were on hand to maintain order.

It is reported that the government has not improved the security setup decisively despite Pawan's petition. This has infuriated Pawan, who has recruited 300 people for his fleet of private security. Aside from that, 100 Janasainiks have offered to help secure Pawan at his public gatherings.

His supporters are now furious with the bjp over the lack of protection for Pawan Kalyan, one of the key members of the TDP+ coalition. JSP supporters frequently remark that Pawan's concerns over his security should have been acknowledged by the bjp and that they ought to have given him access to a sufficient central security fleet. Alternatively, the national government led by the bjp should have put pressure on the ap government to increase Pawan's security. However, as a result of neither happening, Pawan is now required to employ a private security firm for the task.

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