Hardik Pandya is the 'dummy' captain...!? What is happening..!?

Fans are commenting on social media that rohit sharma is the unofficial captain of the mumbai Indians team and hardik pandya is a dummy captain. The IPL series (Indian Premier League) has reached an exciting stage now. All but 2 teams have played 7 league games. That is, with a total of 14 league games, half of which have already been played. The ongoing 17th edition of IPL is approaching a month long as it started on 22nd MarchThe ongoing IPL series (IPL 2024) is still going on till May 26. rajasthan and kolkata have dominated the league matches so far. Even though Sunrisers hyderabad is in the fourth position, the team is playing with monster strength this time. chennai and lucknow are also in the playoff race. But, on the other hand, Delhi, mumbai, and gujarat teams are fluctuating. Especially mumbai Indians, who have won the title of champion 5 times, this time with great strength, but the team could not capture the full potential and accumulate consecutive victories. Before the start of the current IPL series, the mumbai Indians team was embroiled in many controversies. Traded hardik pandya from gujarat in mini-auction; hardik Pandya was replaced as the captain by the drastic removal of Rohit Sharma; So many things revolved around mumbai itself.

Hardik Pandya who has performed well as the captain of the gujarat Titans team, the current series is not good. On his arrival at the stadium, the fans loudly shout against him. This seems to have seriously affected his game. mumbai lost the first three matches of the series but won the next two matches. However, the defeat against chennai made the team tired again. The last match against the punjab team also came in the hands of Mumbai. mumbai and hardik pandya have not had the right environment since the start of this series. The team has played 7 league matches. Yet many would say no if the team has found the right combination for home and away matches. If mumbai are to qualify for the playoffs, they will have to rack up wins in the upcoming matches with big net run rate margins.

In the environment of such pressure for the mumbai team, information leaked on social media that the captaincy may be handed over to Rohit again. But they are unlikely to be true. But fans are commenting that rohit sharma is acting as the captain on the field even though it is not officially announced. In particular, rohit sharma was instrumental in fielding from start to finish in the last match against Punjab. Advising the bowlers, and making changes in the fielding, especially in the last over when punjab needed 12 runs to win, Rohit Sharma's fielding helped mumbai win, according to fans on social media. While the team management takes care of rotating the bowlers, the fans believe that rohit sharma acts as the unofficial captain as he makes the important decisions on the field. Officially, hardik pandya is acting as captain only for Toss and DRS review.

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