Since taking office, chief minister revanth reddy has been aiming kcr and the BRS party. Through Operation Akarsh, he is enticing leaders of the BRS to defect to Congress. Several MLAs, including danam nagender and Kadiyam Srihari, have recently moved from the BRS to the Congress. 

Remarkably, in the past several months, several other well-known BRS officials have also switched to Congress. kcr doesn't appear to be concerned about the change in leadership despite this. He said during yesterday's news conference that over twenty congress MLAs are in contact with him and are preparing to switch to BRS shortly. kcr is attempting to pretend to be courageous and manipulate revanth Reddy.

Conversely, revanth reddy swiftly refuted KCR's psychological maneuvers. Prakash Goud, the Rajendranagar BRS mla, met revanth reddy today and is anticipated to become a member of the congress party shortly. After Danam, he will be the second mla from the ghmc area to go from the BRS to the Congress. It remains to be seen how kcr and his BRS brigade react to Revanth's strategies at this point. chief minister revanth reddy has been targeting kcr and the BRS party ever since he came into power.

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