YS jagan Mohan reddy is back at it with his remarks on Pawan Kalyan, after taking a vacation. jagan has been criticizing pawan kalyan and the Janasenani couple's nuptials for the past two days (at bhimavaram and Kakinada). Even more crass and under the belt are the remarks he made the other day at Kakinada.

The state as a whole has discussed the remarks and believes they are inappropriate given the position he occupies. That was not where jagan stopped. His official X account also featured the footage of the abuses. Why is jagan bothering pawan kalyan so much is the current question. Most likely, he intends to upset Reddys, Christians, and Dalits by making pawan kalyan unbalanced and abusing him.

Just before the elections, there is a feeling of disillusionment among these areas. jagan is presumably trying to provoke them to establish a story. For that, he is utilizing Pawan Kalyan. Following Jagan's remarks at bhimavaram, pawan kalyan maintained his composure. Today, he'll be at Pitapuram. We'll have to watch to see how this affects him! The vulgar attacks against pawan kalyan continue now and then and it doesn't stop either. 

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