At now, the Memantha Siddham bus Yatra is being undertaken by YS jagan Mohan Reddy. On the 25th of this month, he will present his nomination at Pulivendula. When jagan submits his paperwork that day, his election affidavit will be the topic of most conversation. The affidavits are posted on the Electoral Commission's website. Every aspect of the cases brought against jagan Mohan reddy would be included in the affidavit. Twenty-one of the forty-seven pages in his 2019 affidavit were devoted to the lawsuits that are still ongoing involving Jagan. In all, thirty-one cases are referenced in the Affidavit.

The cbi and Enforcement Directorate filed these cases under the Money Laundering and Prevention of Corruption Acts, among other laws. Eleven pages are devoted to listing Jagan's possessions, real estate, investments, and so on. Fortunately for jagan, his five years in power have prevented an upsurge in instances. Even so, Jagan's affidavit will be lengthy enough to spark conversation.
It will be intriguing to observe the extent to which his assets have grown over the past five years. The 2019 affidavit states that jagan has assets valued at around Rs 375 crore. His daughters have moveable assets worth Rs 11 crore, while his wife Bharathi reddy claimed assets of Rs 124 crore. Additionally, he said that his wife had investments totaling Rs 62 crore, while his own was Rs 317 crore.

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