Friday's strong rains caused a four-hour traffic bottleneck on the srisailam highway between Thumulur and kandukur on the city's outskirts. A few trees fell into the roadway due to the intense rain, lightning, and strong winds, and the police had to remove them to allow traffic to pass. Strong winds, thunderstorms, and rain also pounded sections of the districts of siddipet, nizamabad, kamareddy, and sangareddy, soaking the paddy that the farmers had delivered to the paddy procurement centers (PPC).

Hailstorms devastated standing crops such as paddy and maize in the kamareddy district's Somarampet, Ratnagiripally, Nemaligutta thanda, and Banjepally villages; the paddy that was taken to PPCs became soggy. In the nizamabad district, Dichpally, Indelwai, Darpalli, and Sirikonda mandals saw comparable crop losses as a result of rain and severe winds.

Farmers transported harvested paddy to the Dubbak Agricultural Market yard, but the mango plantations in Koheda mandal were damaged by heavy rains that also hit portions of the siddipet area. The downpour caused a cow shelter in Basvapur hamlet to collapse, seriously injuring two buffaloes.
Following his visit to the market yard, Dubbak mla Kotha prabhakar reddy made a demand that the state government purchase the paddy that was harmed by the rains.
On Friday, rain was seen in several areas of the sangareddy district, including Zaheerabad town, Kohir, and Jharasangam. Rainwater also overflowed Zaheerabad town's low-lying quarters.
For the next three days, several telangana districts are expected to get mild to moderate showers, according to the indian Meteorological Department.

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