With election season quickly approaching, it is common for politicians to freely transfer parties. However, there's a thin line where a politician needs to remember where he came from and who gave him the platform he has today. To put it mildly, Pothina Mahesh's situation has been disastrous for janasena in this regard. During his most recent press conference, Pothina leveled harsh accusations against Pawan Kalyan, referring to him as a chandrababu naidu package star. He said that Pawan's black money is being changed into white by hari Hara Veera Mallu.

He made the grave accusation that pawan kalyan has converted every JSP member into an aide to the telugu Desam Party. To begin with, pawan kalyan provided the exact foundation that Pothina Mahesh needed in Vijayawada. JSP leaders tore Pothina like if he were their own, praising him to the skies. Pothina left the JSP before the election due to not receiving a ticket and dismantling the very branch that was assigned to him, despite all of the praise and dramatization from the party.

The only seat in east godavari that janasena won in the 2019 elections was Razole. After winning on the janasena ticket, rapaka Varaprasad left pawan kalyan to join the ysr Congress. Razole has now developed into a Prestigious Seat for Janasena. However, janasena has several issues in Razole.

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