Over the past two days, unseasonal rain and hailstorms have severely disrupted Yasangi operations in many regions of the State, causing farmers to once again reach their lowest point. According to the Agriculture Department's first estimations, the yasangi crop on more than 2000 acres was destroyed. Farmers have paid a heavy price, even though the thundershowers may provide much-needed relief to the general population from the heat wave conditions that pervaded the whole State.

The districts of nizamabad, kamareddy Rajanna Sircilla, Nalgonda, and Rangareddy are reportedly severely damaged by the rain. The crops of mangos as well as paddy were severely damaged by the hailstorms. The district officials have been instructed by the Agriculture Department to assess the damage caused by the rain.
The rice farmers who transported their produce from their farms to the road point to dry it off before moving it to the buying hubs were severely impacted. Either a lot of rain or erosion carried the stocks away. Farmers battled to keep the rain from damaging the paddy stocks.

Rain-soaked paddy to boiled rice mills
Within a few hours, 5.5 cm of rain fell in the nizamabad district's Indalwayi Mandal, 3.5 cm in Rangareddy's Kundukur, 2.7 cm in Rajanna Sircilla's Vernapalli, and 2 cm in Rangareddy's Kadtal. Sathupalli and khammam mango growers were also affected by the hailstorms.
In response, the Civil Supplies department instructed officials on saturday to make sure that rain-soaked paddy be purchased whenever feasible.

The department had set a target for the districts to produce four lakh metric tonnes of boiled rice; paddy that had been exposed to rain would be collected and sent straight to the boiled rice mills. According to authorities, farmers in need are being given access to tarpaulins so they may shield their paddy crops from the rain.
"We are gathering data from every district that is impacted. The nizamabad district is reportedly affected more than other areas, according to M. Raghunandan Rao, Secretary of the Department of Agriculture.

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