Hyderabadi voters have resorted to social media, starting aggressive campaigns and initiatives, to increase voter engagement and participation in the next lok sabha elections, set for May 13 in the State.

Taking the lead, Vinay Vangala, a city-based socio-political activist, has updated his ‘X’ handle with the message: “Let’s add ‘I Vote For Sure on May 13, 2024’.” “Hello Active Citizens on “X” in #GHMC jurisdiction, Telangana. Let’s add “I Vote For Sure on 13th May’24” til this date n tag othrs 2 ensure Hyderabadis r top in voting % chart this time! (sic),” read the activist’s tweet.

Vangala voiced his opinions, saying, "We have a lot of eligible voters in hyderabad, but sadly, voter participation is still low. Although we are ready to challenge authority, we frequently fall short in carrying out our civic responsibilities. It's time for us to take use of our constitutional rights and contribute. Voters who are qualified need to set an example for others and inspire them to follow suit. Voting to choose capable leaders must be our top priority if we want to see a better society.

This campaign quickly gathered momentum as more residents joined in, spreading the word and widening its audience. A number of groups have united in favour of the cause, including Team Road Squad, hyderabad Blood Donors, NGOs, activists, and other individuals on X, with the goal of fostering a more robust democracy with higher voting turnout.

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