Not only is allu arjun becoming more and more popular in the South, but all around the country. With several fascinating projects in the works, he's establishing himself as a star and winning people over worldwide. On social networking sites like X and Instagram, a video that allegedly shows allu arjun praising the congress party became popular recently. Large accounts like kamaal r khan are also extensively spreading it.
The video's reality, though, is far different. The film was shot in New York, namely at the india Day parade, a significant occasion honoring 75 years of India's independence, when allu arjun was representing India. allu arjun has always kept a distance from politics, even though his father-in-law, Kancharla chandrasekhar Reddy, joined the congress earlier this year following a protracted tenure with BRS. He would rather not be a part of any political organization. To put this issue to rest, fans are anxiously expecting an explanation from allu arjun himself.

It should be mentioned that none of the twelve superstars from the Mega family, which started with Chiranjeevi, would be running for office in the telugu cinema industry. Although they might have aided the party and had a fair amount of popularity, the majority of them chose to abstain. Actors with enormous fan bases include ram charan and Allu Arjun. Even though celebrities like varun Tej and sai dharam tej had previously declared they would be running for the party, nothing of that kind has transpired.

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