A free and fair election is the alliance's primary goal with the BJP. The BJP-led central government severely impacted telugu desam party in the 2019 election by fully endorsing the ysr Congress. tdp and janasena consented to the alliance and contributed seats more than their fair share despite the BJP's political weight, in the hopes that the Centre would assist blunt the ysr Congress's obstinacy during the elections. The bjp obtained a better bargain on seat-sharing than janasena did. But in this election, not even a few fundamental tasks are completed.

Janasena's Glass Tumbler Symbol is only being reserved by the election commission for the 21 assembly seats and the two parliament segments in which the party is running. It is granting the emblem to independents in the remaining portions. If the JSP is not running for office, there's a potential that Janasena's votes won't go to the TDP. The election commission can simply handle this little technological issue.
What good is the coalition giving up so many seats for the bjp if they are unable to make it happen? Another party, the Jateeya janasena party, received a bucket emblem in the interim that resembles a glass tumbler. In an attempt to deceive janasena voters, the congress PARTY' target='_blank' title='ysr congress-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ysr congress is fielding candidates with names that are similar to those of the party.

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