B-forms were distributed by chandrababu naidu to tdp candidates running in this election. tdp substituted candidates in five seats at the eleventh hour. As the Undi candidate, raghu Rama krishna Raju was given an opportunity. Giddi Eshwari (Paderu), Bandaru Satyanarayanamurthy (Madugula), MS Raju (Madakasira), and Kurugondla Ramakrishna (Venkatagiri) all had their tickets finalized along with him.

Sent to Undi was raghu Rama krishna Raju, who was unable to obtain a seat in the narasapuram Parliament. After being appeased, sitting mla Rama Raju was appointed tdp president for West Godavari. Here, Kalavapudi Siva, another Rebel commander, will determine RRR's prospects of victory. Siva has hinted about running as an independent. The discussions are still ongoing.

Regarding the prior tdp candidate, there is disagreement. As a consequence, the congress PARTY' target='_blank' title='ysr congress-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ysr congress is undoubtedly in the lead. Locals claim that Giddi Eshwari's candidature turns it into a Keen Contest.

The Bandaru From Pendurthi, satya Narayana Murthy was relocated to Madugula. janasena was granted Pendurthi. To appease him, a Madugula ticket was provided to him. In Madugula, tdp is in the lead. The last contender, Paila Prasada Rao, was an nri and performed admirably in the field. Thus, there are differing views within the cadre about this modification. Bandaru's prospects of winning will rely on how well he gets along with the local cadre.

This constituency is designated for the SC. The cadre is not cooperating with Anil Kumar, the prior contender in this case. MS Raju, the leader of the tdp Dalit branch, takes his seat. The group of Thippeswamy also promised to serve MS Raju. With this modification, the party feels optimistic about gaining Madakasira.

In this constituency, tdp has a strong chance. K Lakshmipriya, a venkatagiri native and the daughter of former mla Kurugondla Ramakrishna, was previously nominated by the TDP. Nonetheless, the party believed ramakrishna would be a stronger candidate under the revised strategy.

Anaparthy, denduluru, and Thambalapalli remain under suspicion. These three seats did not receive B-forms. There are currently attempts to have Nallamilli challenge the bjp in Anaparthy. denduluru and Thambalapalli won't alter in such a scenario. There'll be a change in denduluru or Thambalapalli if Anaparthy is not handled.


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