Premalu, which starred Naslen and Mamitha Baiju, became a great hit in malayalam because to its endearing plot that enthralled viewers. The public is now talking about Premalu 2, the sequel, which has caused some agitation. A portion of the audience who saw the movie via over-the-top streaming services is now questioning this choice and wondering why a sequel to a movie as good as Premalu should be made.
Nevertheless, the fact cannot be denied: Premalu was a great blockbuster in telugu as well as Malayalam. Most people in the audience seemed to like it. A very wise choice was taken by the creators when they revealed Premalu 2. Now that Premalu is a well-known brand, they aim to profit from it. They would have to invest a tonne of money in marketing if they created another love tale and gave it a different name. Now, only the Premalu name will promote the movie. They won't have to spend as much money promoting the movie. Because Premalu is so well-liked, they can release the sequel in other languages.

As the previous film's plot wasn't very unique, people's hopes for the sequel weren't too high. All they have to do is make a good, engaging movie, and the sequel could be a huge blockbuster. The fact that the creators have announced a sequel suggests that it may be a big hit. Girish AD, the filmmaker, assured everyone that the follow-up will be even more enjoyable than the original. Even though the original film left no room for a sequel, speculation about what would occur in Premalu 2 is still going strong.

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