With a large national fan base, prabhas is one of the most well-known pan-Indian celebrities in the nation, if not the most. However, it seems that the bollywood media still harbors some prejudice against him, trying to minimize his importance. A well-known bollywood website recently described kalki 2898 AD as a deepika padukone film, while pushpa 2 was referred to as an allu arjun film. Distinguishing a prabhas film as belonging to deepika just goes to show how insecure the bollywood media is.

Bollywood has to keep in mind that prabhas was the first actor to direct a hindi film that grossed ₹500 crores, a record that is still unsurpassed by many actors, Shah Rukh Khan included. Even his alleged failures, like Saaho, have brought in more money and publicity than many bollywood blockbusters starring celebrities like Akshay Kumar. Consider his most recent movie Salaar, which earned ₹140 crores in hindi alone despite conflicting reviews and going up against SRK's Dunki.

Prabhas's popularity throughout the country makes him a prime candidate to produce another ₹1000-crore hit when the appropriate project comes along. Although it makes sense to bring up deepika padukone when discussing kalki, it seemed diabolical to purposefully leave out Prabhas' name from these conversations.

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