In her next telugu movie, "Kubera," attractive actress rashmika mandanna is playing a performance-focused character after starring in glam-centric parts in films like "Animal" and "Pushpa." "Director sekhar kammula has etched a very interesting role for rashmika, and she is doing a very good job," the insider claims, adding that "she will be seen in an avatar." She had to keep up with actor dhanush, who won a national prize and is also starring in a part supported by the author. He continues, "Rashmika is coming on sets well-prepared and doing some homework at home."
Rashmika was uncomfortable to act alongside dhanush as he was a natural performer. Rashmika had a performance-stealing performance in the movie "Animal," when she confronts ranbir kapoor about his extramarital affair and matches his acting prowess. He continues, "She is attempting to carve out a niche for herself and is taking on roles with substance even in big commercial movies."

To further her career in the entertainment industry, rashmika is presumably attempting to find a balance between glam and performance-driven roles. He notes, "She is smart enough to understand that while performances in tollywood and bollywood will be remembered for long, glam roles have a limited shelf life."

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