One leader who devotes himself to public service..!!

-King harish rao of Siddipet.
-A six-foot bullet was unstoppable.
-Harish Rao won seven times in this constituency.

Harish Rao is a well-known political leader of telangana state. Thaneeru harish rao is said to be the most popular mass class leader in the trs party after KCR. Such harish rao has fans beyond parties. harish rao, who always fights for the welfare of the people, is gaining success in Siddipet. It can be said that harish rao is the only leader in telangana who has crossed the Lakh majority. Now let's know some things about this six-foot bullet.
Harish Rao was born and brought up in Chintamadaka in siddipet district. harish rao won the assembly elections for the first time in 32 years and since then he has been running without looking back. He has already created a record by winning 7 times as mla from siddipet constituency. It can be said that he created history as a politician who achieved this feat at a young age. In 2004, he contested the by-elections held in siddipet for the first time and won by a margin of 24,829 votes. Similarly, for the second time, he won again with a huge majority from the same position. In the 2009 assembly elections, harish rao, who once again contested from siddipet, secured a majority of 64,677 votes over congress candidate Bairi Anjaiah. And in the by-elections of 2010, he kept his position firmly. In the 2014 elections, he once again contested from siddipet and won as an MLA. In the 2018 assembly elections, harish rao created history as the leader who won six consecutive MLAs at the youngest age by securing a majority of 1,20,650 votes. Such harish rao has again won an amazing majority in the 2023 elections. congress and bjp candidates created a record by securing a majority of 82,000 votes against Harikrishna and srikanth Reddy.
It can be said that harish rao played a major role in the development of siddipet district in telangana state. harish rao does not have any leader to contest in the constituency. At least those who contested are not getting deposits. The main reason for this is his public service. He is the only leader who constantly devotes himself to public service. It can be understood that the party is not important here but the leader is important. That is why it can be said that harish rao won seven times in this constituency with a huge majority and decorated many positions and made siddipet a wonderfully developed constituency in the country.

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