Hyderabad police uncovered a widespread scheme to adulterate milk, which was a startling discovery. A risky plot was discovered upon the arrest of Pxxxxx reddy (40) and his two accomplices. reddy purchased milk for Rs. 50 per litre from HF cows, diluted it with water, and then added ammonia sulphate to give it solidity. This mixture presented serious health concerns and was packed and supplied in Mehdipatnam and Habeeb Nagar.

Authorities seized 15 one-liter milk packages, 80 litres of contaminated milk that were kept in two 40-liter tins, and other damning evidence such as empty covers, a sealing machine, ammonium sulphate liquid, and Kesar Yellow colour. Investigations revealed Reddy's multi-year illegal enterprise. To tamper with lactometer readings, he obtained milk from cows in Gaddiannaram, Dilshuknagar, diluted it with water, and added ammonium sulphate and Kesar yellow colouring.
Distributed at Mehdipatnam and Habeeb Nagar, the tainted milk presented serious health hazards. The police filed a complaint against reddy in accordance with the applicable provisions of the indian Penal Code in response to this heinous crime. This exposé emphasises how urgently stringent laws are needed to protect the public's health from such deceptive operations.

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