KCR's biggest hope is that he will win again..!?

After a long time, kcr gave an interview to a channel. In fact, kcr himself came to a tv studio and gave an interview when the party was in a difficult situation after losing the election. He responded to the argument that the work of BRS has been finishedThe astrologer said that he would come back to power with a bumper majority.

As part of his campaign for the lok sabha elections, BRS supremo k chandrasekhar rao would go out on his bus yatra on Wednesday.

 The former chief minister is scheduled to leave the party headquarters, telangana Bhavan, in the afternoon and arrive at miryalaguda by the evening. KCR's bus is expected to travel 145 kilometers on the first day of his bus yatra, passing via Vemulapally, Tipparthi, the Narketpally bypass route, and Ketepally, before coming to an end at Suryapet.

KCR said that within four months there was strong opposition among the people against the congress rule. people are ready to make him win. They also calculated that if the assembly elections come this time, they will win up to 98 seats. kcr is sure that he will be the cm again. It means that even if BRS wins the assembly elections again, kcr will be the CM.

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