Do vehicle symbol go well with KCR?

KCR is the tallest leader in Telangana. He has not lost in the assembly elections till now. And someone will simply say that his election symbol is a car. But, he won the election not only on his car mark but also on many other marks. And do you know how many symbols he has contested so far? He revealed these things in a recent interview.

KCR told the people that people and their commitment are the most important. KCR, who said that he is now winning on the car symbol, remembered old things. He said that when he was in TDP, he won on the bicycle symbol. Once in the panchayat elections, he was assigned the symbol of a farmer and a plough, and even then he won. KCR recalled that once he got a bus symbol and he won on that sign too. On the whole, kcr has so far won on the symbols of farmer-plough, bus, bicycle, and car. But do vehicles go well with KCR?

After a long time, kcr gave an interview to a channel. In fact, kcr himself came to a tv studio and gave an interview when the party was in a difficult situation after losing the election. He responded to the argument that the work of BRS has been finished. The astrologer said that he would come back to power with a bumper majority.

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