TDP has again allied with the same party which hated Chandrababu and it has sparked a lot of questions. Especially, tdp party went into nda alliance and it shocked a few. It is also noteworthy that Chandrababu has taken all the seats as he wanted. However, even in such seats, most of the candidates were announced as per the alliance's wish. As part of the alliance, Jana Sena got 21 assembly and 2 parliament seats while bjp got 10 assembly and 6 parliament seats.

It means that there are 31 assembly and 8 parliament seats here but Chandrababu has given them to bjp and janasena party. But it seems that many of the leaders who are contesting in this are those who have worked in the telugu Desam Party. On the other hand, it seems that the seats have been given to the leaders who have gone from tdp to Jana Sena to BJP. But it also seems that Chandrababu has succeeded in this matter as if all this is a master mind plan.

Especially if we look at the seats of the bjp and janasena party, Chandrababu has shown a bit of skill in giving very few seats which were lost in the seats previously held by the telugu Desam Party. It is heard that the winning seats are given only to his favored leaders and not to the allied parties. If we look at the total of the three parties, it seems that most of the leaders are from the telugu Desam Party. In this matter pawan kalyan and bjp party are also acting as if they got what they needed. According to many analysts, Chandrababu was able to achieve what he planned accordingly.

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