After losing his first election in 2019, Nara lokesh is spending a lot of time campaigning in Mangalagiri. After losing, lokesh stayed in the constituency and made a concerted effort to gain the support of the voters. All current polls predict that lokesh will win the next elections with great ease. When jagan could not identify a suitable candidate to beat the Nara Scion, he replaced four in-charges at Mangalagiri. In the end, he focused on Lavanya in the hopes that the bc and Woman cards would work.

In a brief interview with india Today, Nara lokesh discussed the campaign and offered insightful remarks of his rival in Mangalagiri. The Journalist questioned lokesh on Lavanya's ability to compete against him. It is unjust of me to make judgments. She has a political heritage as well. Her father-in-law served two terms as an mla and as an ex-minister. For one term, her mother-in-law served as an MLA. There is strong competition. I think women should be able to fight on an equal basis. people may fight fairly and behave what they choose, according to Lokesh.

Lokesh is not aiming his campaign against Lavanya, not even on the ground. He is only discussing the shortcomings of the incumbent mla, alla Rama krishna Reddy, and the shortcomings of the government. social media users are praising Nara Lokesh's Samskaram for not disparaging women and for not making hurtful political remarks, in contrast to other politicians.


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