During the current warangal Jana Jathara Sabha, chief minister revanth reddy delivered a scathing speech against BRS Chief KCR. It is well known that kcr has avoided appearing in the assembly to confront revanth reddy ever since he lost the election to congress and revanth Reddy. He blasted kcr for abandoning assembly meetings, which is akin to skipping class. "KCR sat with tv9 for four hours instead of coming to assembly," he stated.
KCR was challenged by revanth reddy to a conversation on the kaleshwaram project. BRS, in his words, is a dead snake. Additionally, revanth reddy instructed harish rao to prepare his letter of resignation as the ₹2 lakhs agricultural loan waiver will be finalized by august 15. In response to Harish Rao's persistent accusations that the cm was attempting to deceive the farmers by swearing allegiance to gods at electoral rallies, revanth issued this challenge.

KCR has avoided the spotlight and hasn't attended to many news conferences since he lost the election. BRS has been mired in a number of scandals over the last several months, including the phone-tapping incident, the delhi Liquor fraud (which resulted in Kavitha's incarceration), and the kaleshwaram fraud. For days, kcr has said nothing about Kavitha's arrest or the phone-tapping controversy. At last, he spoke them candidly in a recent tv interview.


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