On May 9, hyderabad residents will see a rare celestial occurrence in which they will be unable to discern their shadows! Yes, hyderabad will experience "Zero shadow Day," a unique and brief astronomical occurrence, from 12.12 to 12.19 p.m. On zero shadow Day, vertical objects won't throw any discernible shadows since the sun will be precisely overhead at noon (local time). Despite the limited duration of the planetary event, it is expected to offer an enthralling demonstration of astronomy in action.

We may also have a peek at the complex dance between the sun and Earth through this cosmic occurrence. It serves as a reminder of the exact astronomical laws that determine the months and seasons of our year. zero shadow Day will occur in many sites throughout the two telugu States for the whole month of May, according to N sree Raghunandan Kumar, the founder-secretary of the Planetary Society of india (PSI).

As per the indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA), the Sun's daily rising and setting positions are not exactly in the east and west, respectively. Additionally, it does not always reach its peak position at noon and does not rise straight above at that time of day. Because of this, there are seasonal variations in the Sun's highest height elevation.

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