Hyderabad is engulfed in the sweltering summer heat, with temperatures rising far beyond 40 degrees Celsius. However, Hyderabadis are coming up with creative ways to remain cool and rejuvenated during the heat wave rather than merely sweating it out. From classic summertime treats to unusual tactics, the city is teeming with an uncommon combination of inventiveness and tenacity.
Hyderabad's summer cuisine highlights the modest toddy palm fruit, referred to as "thati munjalu" (or ice apple in English). These cool fruits have become a lifesaver for those looking to escape the never-ending heat.

Vendors remark, "A dozen of these cool treats for Rs 100 to Rs 120," demonstrating the increasing demand for this natural coolant.
These fruits have a particular place in the hearts of old timers like Gopal. Gopal eats an ice apple and says, "They not only help us endure the sweltering weather but also replenish glucose levels."
Hyderabad's streets are filled with the sounds of summertime snacks. Intriguing items like as falooda, buttermilk, soda, lassi, watermelon slices, mint-infused beverages, and the perennially well-liked ice golas are sold by vendors in a queue. The constant heat is broken by the sudden coolness of every bite or drink.

The purveyors of coconut water are heroes of hydration; they are a source of cold relief for parched throats. The natural energy drink of nature is coconut water. One dealer notes, "Sales are booming, especially during these hot days," emphasizing how popular this natural elixir is.
Matkas, or clay pots, are now, very literally, in high demand. As consumers rediscover the pleasure of drinking cool water from earthen pots, these classic containers are flying off the shelves.
In the meantime, street sellers all around the city are looking for inventive ways to shelter themselves while attending to clients; they are using homemade umbrellas and inventively created shades.

"Remaining cool is important, but sales are even more important," says a different seller as he adjusts his umbrella to protect the scorching heat from his cart and himself. He continues, "We put a lot of work into making sure our customers have a comfortable experience.
The city's auto-rickshaw drivers have also embraced their coolness. Some people have modified their cars by growing grass on the top, turning them into little green havens that move. Not far behind, riders on two-wheelers are putting up shields and sunglasses to protect themselves from the blazing heat.

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