* It is natural to change from one party to another in the political field

* Leaders tend to join a strong party from a weak party

* But Balashowry Vallabbhaneni surprised everyone by leaving YSRCP

Balashowry Vallabbhaneni, who recently left the ruling party YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh, took a key decision by joining the janasena party. Let's find out whether he got any benefit or good from that. Until a few days ago, Balashowry Vallabbhaneni was a political leader of YSRCP. In Andhra Pradesh, YSRCP led by chief minister YS Jaganmohan reddy is in power. Despite being in the ruling party, Balashowry Vallabbhaneni decided to switch to the janasena party.

Why did you leave YSRCP?
Balashowry Vallabbhaneni's decision to quit the YSRCP may have been influenced by various factors. The first reason may be dissatisfaction. He may be dissatisfied with some aspect of YSRCP policies, leadership or performance. Perhaps his personal ambitions in YSRCP may not be fulfilled. Balashowry Vallabbhaneni may have disagreed with YSRCP policies as well

Why did you join Janasena?
It is noteworthy that Balashowry Vallabbhaneni joined the janasena party led by actor and politician Pawan Kalyan. Jana Sena is a new party and is struggling to win seats in the elections. However, there could be several reasons for hisdecision. He might have liked Pawan Kalyan's philosophy and theories. Balashowry Vallabbhaneni may see opportunities for growth in the Jana Sena. local dynamics and regional considerations also play a role.

It is said by experts that there are no benefits of joining a small party. It also has another advantage. That means Balashowry Vallabbhaneni's visibility in the Jana Sena may increase, making him a more important leader. He can expect leadership positions in JS party which he did not get in YSRCP. Leaving the ruling party for a smaller party may be seen as negative by some.

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