The forthcoming movie, "Pushpa 2 The Rule," will be released in theatres in August. However, there hasn't been much enthusiasm or buzz about this movie from the advertising materials that have been published thus far. This is hardly what one would anticipate from one of Tollywood's biggest upcoming movies this year.
The first trailer let fans down because it felt more like a documentary short and featured allu arjun confronting a tiger in a jungle. On Allu Arjun's birthday this month, a new teaser was unveiled after a lengthy break, to a varied reception. Some were turned off by the same things that turned others on, even if they liked the atmosphere and Allu Arjun's performance.

With its constant usage of the phrase "Pushpa," the first song's promo, which was published today, did little to intrigue the public either. We'll have to wait and see what the May 1st release of the entire song has in store.
Retrospectively, trailers like kgf attracted notice right away with their striking and original elements—Yash, for example, lighting a cigarette with a red-hot rifle piston.
Similar to this, the unpredictable, high-voltage action in the "Animal" teaser captivated viewers.
Due to its creative visual content, "Salaar" made an impression with its second trailer after its first one had failed to create an impression.

Subsequently, 'Tillu Square' captured the attention of its intended demographic with its kissing scenes.
Unpredictable components, whether in terms of appearance or substance, appear to be essential for drawing in a larger audience.
Should 'Pushpa 2' only replicate the previous part's effect without adding anything new, audiences may not find it particularly engaging.

According to insider sources, allu arjun contributed to the background score of the movie as well. It might be bad if he meddles with an art form he isn't an expert in, but if he improvises with his involvement, that's alright.
It's worth investigating why there is suddenly interest in him now, given some sources indicate he has never before been involved in background checks.

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