We all know that BRS chief kcr started his bus trip from miryalaguda yesterday. As part of this bus trip, kcr gave a long speech in Miryalaguda. He said that the majority of the congress party is doing injustice to the people without knowing a part of it. As part of the miryalaguda meeting, kcr said, parliament elections are going to be held in a few days.

He said, What is happening in this state now? The farmers are depressed and are in a great pain. After 15 years of struggle, we have won telangana state. Why are people suffering? We have managed to get surplus electricity. Can't you do that? Can't you just give the current that was supplied? Why can't you give? We have given water connections to every household and can't you just monitor the same?

What is your inferiority complex? Please people should think carefully about that matter. people should ask this question to cm Revanth - "Why should we suffer?" parliament elections are going to be held in a few days. In that you win BRS candidate from your area. Once again congress people will understand that BRS has a lot of influence after KCR's speech. KCR's interview on tv also grabbed attention

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