Is Money running in india rather than democracy..!?

-List of the richest candidates, their debts, and cases.

-The average property value of the winning candidates.

-Candidates who have a lot of assets are winning the elections.

General elections are being held in seven phases across the country. This created a whole atmosphere of noise. Currently, the festival of nominations is going on with great success. On this occasion, the leaders of many parties are disclosing the details of their assets, debts, cases, etc. in the affidavit as part of the nomination filing. Interesting things are coming to light on this occasion. At this time, the list of the richest candidates, their debts, cases, etc. is currently being discussed. However, an organization called the Association for Democratic Reforms has examined the properties declared by these candidates and is releasing a list. Many interesting things have come to light in this.

Who are the contesting candidates? What is their average property value? At the same time, it gave a fresh clarification on the average property value of the winning candidates. If we look at this observation, we can understand the fact that money is important to win elections. If we look at the calculations between 2004-2019, the average assets of the candidates who contested in 2004 were only Rs.6.20 lakhs. But the property value of the winning candidates is 52.2 lakhs. As of 2019, the average assets of the contesting candidates are Rs.27 lakhs. At the same time, if the winning candidates look at their assets, it is about Rs.5 crores. It means that the candidates who have a lot of assets are winning the elections. After that, they are getting richer. As many candidates are in the ring at the time of competition, they will be averaged. If independents are taken out, these figures are likely to increase. Looking at all these calculations, one has to agree that money is running in india rather than democracy.

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