Real Twist..! Dhoni's main post after retirement..!?

After the retirement of star player dhoni from the IPL series, it has been revealed that there are chances to get a key position. dhoni, who has won 5 trophies as the captain of CSK, is playing as a wicketkeeper and batsman this season. As a result, he stepped down from the captaincy and is preparing the young player Ruturaj Gaikwad as the new captain. dhoni has started the work for this during the 2022 IPL series. dhoni consulted with Ruturaj Gaikwad in the last season and brought him as the captain this season. For CSK, the decisions taken by dhoni and coach Fleming are final. 

Sometimes dhoni makes decisions on all matters rather than Fleming's decision. To that extent, CSK team owner Srinivasan has faith in Dhoni. Meanwhile, dhoni is expected to announce his retirement from the IPL series this season. However, it was said that dhoni is likely to act as a consultant for CSK every season after retirement. Sachin, gautam Gambhir, and others are already working as consultants. It was seen that dhoni will continue to travel the same path as CSK. In this situation, it has been revealed that dhoni is likely to become the CEO of the CSK team after retirement. Kashi Viswanathan is currently working as the CEO of CSK. The CSK team management is planning to bring dhoni to that position. With this dhoni will be able to work in all the activities of the CSK team starting with the auction for the players. It is said that dhoni, who has been in the field for so many days, is also likely to participate in the auction.

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